Getting to Know Me…

There is a story told in my family about a little girl who would wedge herself between the dryer and the wall. She would then close the folding doors, a quilt over her lap with a book in one hand, flashlight in another and read. Read until bedtime. Read beyond bedtime. Read until her mother was fed up calling her name, opened the doors to the laundry closet and told her to go to bed.

That girl was me.

Fast forward more years than I care to count and my love of all bookish things has survived. There may have been a few perilous moments when the thought of reading even one more page was physically and emotionally exhausting (thank you existential literature class circa 1998), but even in the darkest moments there was always a book to seek refuge in.

Here at Beyond Page Three you will find reviews on multiple genres of books. Fiction, adventure, children’s literature, biographies, cooking and the occasional book of poetry are all fair game depending on my mood and coffee intake.

You will also find the occasional outing into the wider world to explore bookish spaces, character motivations, ideas on what to read next, and ultimately much more.

So please, pour a cup of coffee, take the iced tea out of the fridge, open up that cookie jar and join me for a bit.

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