Review: You Are The Girl For The Job

In the grand scheme of life, we all wear many hats and bite off more than we can chew. Or at least that’s how my life tends to go anyway. Between being a mother of four teenagers and one almost teenager, that is, as I have been told by many, enough to do anyone in. Then there is me. I have to also throw into the mix two pekingese, three cats and more fish than one person should probably have and there are days I wonder where my cape is. Someone once told me I should clone myself. However, knowing myself as I do it wouldn’t do any good. You see instead of helping out and taking things off of my plate, my clone would probably decide there were now two if us so we could get twice the amount of stuff done. Anyhow, for me inevitably things I have on my gigantic serving platter of things to do come to a head and something has to go. For me, the thing that had to be put aside, even for a little while, was my blog.

I can’t even tell you just how many times I’ve thought something would make a fantastic post, gotten my thoughts mostly in order and had no time to get any words down on paper, or even type them fast and furiously into the notes section of a phone. So, what does a woman such as myself do when a friend puts it out into the world that she and another friend are starting a book club? This woman joins in.

The book, You Are The Girl For The Job by Jess Connely, is categorized as a Christian inspirational text. While I am more of a historical fiction person, the idea of reading a motivational book with other like minded women sounded like a lot of fun. I bought a copy of the book, and began to read.

The first section of the book is all about letting go. Letting go of your ideal self. Letting go of the drive to be the best. Letting go and allowing the person God wants you to be shine through. So I pictured my ideal self. Pictured getting out of bed, jogging for an hour, eating a fabulous wholesome, good for me breakfast as I read and gather my thoughts for the day. I pictured being at work, helping people while being gracious and kind, never losing my cool. I saw myself after work to spend time with my kids as they do their homework, making an almost gourmet dinner for us all to gather at the table to eat followed by a family movie or board game. My ideal self and an ideal work day.

The reality of it is that I am not jogging anywhere anytime soon. I am lucky to get a half hearted workout in three days a week. My breakfast most mornings consists of a badly toasted bagel and coffee from a coffee shop. I curse like a sailor and lose my cool more often than I care to admit. Time with my kids is often in the car as we travel from one location to another and I am far from a gourmet cook. Ultimately, none of that matters. While I am far from a perfect parent, I am the girl for the job, no one could be my kids parent quite like I can be.

I found just as much meaning from the other sections of the book. Ultimately, I learned to stop doubting my own compassion and strength and start believing that I am the person God made me to be. Between Jess’s bold writing style and my book club’s discussions, I felt empowered and energized. I closed the cover on this book full of a passion to help others to believe they are also the girls for the job and excited to see what the next book club book will be.

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1 thought on “Review: You Are The Girl For The Job”

  1. I know how busy you are with all the things you do…And do them very well . I have also joined a book club . The most wonderful book I read this year was Where The Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens.
    Best of luck with your book club & let me know when you read a great one. Love you !!9


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