Beyond: The New Normal

I went to the bookstore today and cried. I took two steps in, stopped and my eyes filled with tears.

It doesn’t smell the same. Through a mask I cant smell the books. Or the coffee brewing in the back of the store.

It doesn’t sound the same. The canned, generic music was playing softly but gone was sounds of pages turning, people chatting, glasses clinking against saucers or tables. No children reading stories out loud in the middle of the floor.

It doesn’t look the same. People are missing. No one milling about, browsing the latest new books. No one together, getting advice on what books to bring home this time. The odd person dashing away as inwalked to the back of the store, almost terrified to be within 12 feet of me.

It was cold and lonely.

But there was hope. An employee overjoyed to see me walk in the door. I could see his eyes crinkle with excitement as I picked up the order I had placed online. It was heartwarming. 

Life will go on in this new normal. I will adjust and adapt to the new world around me. People will once again venture out to pursue pages and clink cups.

This is one chapter and the story is far from over.

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